The mission of the Brussels Business Hubs (abbreviated to 2Bhub) is to promote economic and social local development by providing accommodation for and by launching and supporting economic activities in Brussels.

Its specific missions are:

To initiate, develop and manage specific accommodation projects.
We manage a wide range and large number of accommodation projects. They are always well thought through and designed to respond to the needs of companies irrespective of whether they are in the start-up or development phase, or whether they are already well-advanced.

  • General accommodation projects or more customised projects to respond to specific needs of a specific sector of activity for instance.
  • Modular medium- or long-term accommodation.

To integrate economic activities into the heart of the city – a priority.
In order to ensure renewed vitality, our Brussels-Capital Region needs places to integrate economic activities that generate jobs. There is a strong demand from companies that generate economic projects for the kind of places that are designed around facilitating their success.

To promote exchanges and produce an economic dynamism – the role of a hub.
Brussels Business Hubs has profiled itself as a promoter of movement and enriching exchanges between people and companies. These exchanges form part of the social, economic and cultural fibre and are also part of a broader framework of partnerships, an opportunity to share experiences and for conviviality. Designed specifically around these needs Brussels Business Hubs unquestionably fulfils its role as a Hub.

Brussels Business Hubs are based resolutely on sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurial values.
It dedicates itself to responding to the needs of the companies for whom it provides accommodation and on the added value that this accommodation offers them, in addition to offering accompanying services and advice.

Our guarantees: a team and network of committed partners.
Managing the projects is a team of dedicated and efficient professionals. Together with our directors, they do all they can to ensure the economic and social success of the company.
Thanks to a select group of shareholders, our ability to identify the needs associated with our projects and their evolution we have been able to create a network of highly effective partnerships:

  • This is the case with the internal divisions of the Brussels CPAS (Public Social Services Centres), one of the leading shareholders in our company and owner of the building that houses the Ateliers des Tanneurs.
    The Brussels CPAS is also, together with Actiris, our privileged partner in promoting employment within our projects and the companies we house.
  • This is also the case of our second leading shareholder, Brusoc, a branch of the Brussels Regional Investment Company (Finance.Brussels). Brusoc specialises in providing financing for the social economy sector, small SME and self-employed.
  • Active partners put us in touch with all the regional players tasked with the promotion of and support for economic activity in Brussels: the departments of the Ministry of the Brussels-Capital Region, the Brussels Regional Development Agency (Citydev), the network of Brussels public business centers (Brucenter Nerwork), the 1819, Hub.Brusseles, the local economy units (GEL-LEL), etc.