Brussels Business Hubs s.a. has 4 shareholders and 7 directors (see “Shareholders” ) section.

The administrators who request it receive a token of presence (equal to that of the Municipal Council of the City of Brussels).

According to Article 3:12, §1, 9° of the Belgian Companies and Associations Code, our company establishes an annual “remuneration report” that details all the remuneration and benefits granted to members of the Board of Directors on an individual basis. This report forms part of the accounts deposited annually at the Central Balance Sheet Office of the National Bank of Belgium (it is available online).

Brussels Business Hubs aims at local economic and social development through the hosting, launching and support of economic activities in Brussels (see “Missions”) section.

Brussels Business Hubs achieves its mission through 2 projects/sites: Les Ateliers des Tanneurs and Be-Here (see “Projects” section).

Grants awarded in 2020


Studies carried out in 2020


Public procurement conducted in 2020

Public procurement – Pdf

Recruitments completed in 2020

One person was recruited for the Be-Here site (reception function).